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Why are coloring pages good for kids?

Coloring Pages Are Always Considered As Best Recreational Activities. Kids When Are In A Growing Stage, They Observe Environment As Well As Recognizes Objects And Many Certain In- And -around Things. This Technology And Gadget Era Has Increased Multiple Disorders In Concentration And Several Others Among Kids. Overcome This Challenging Time By Giving A Fun Time With coloring Pages For The Kids To Learn And Grow.

As A Parent, We Have To Engage Our Kids In Some Sort Of Recreational Activities And The Best One Considered Is coloring Pages For The Kids To Engage Them With Fun And Wonders Of Colors. Coloring Pages Give An Open Opportunity To The Kids To Imagine Different Shades And Colors Of Objects In Our Life And Connect With Those Colors As A Beauty Of Learning By Playing With Natural As Well Mixing Of Colors Making Their Color And Fun.

Why are coloring pages good for kids?

wo guzar gaya

मैं ठहर गई वो गुज़र गया, 

वो क्या गुज़रा सब ठहर गया

tum dil me nahi

तुम दिल नही रूह मे उतर गये हो जनाब

तुम्हे भुलने मे दिन नही ज़माने लगेगे.


bas yahi

आंखों में ठहर गया थोड़ा-सा पानी.

बस यही दी थी उसने मुझे आखिरी निशानी

mujhse kahne

कास के वो लोट आये मुझसे ये कहने

की तुम कोन होते हो मुझसे बिछड़ने वाले

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